4 Reasons Why Regular Roofing Inspections Are Essential


Every homeowner knows that a roof is a key element in home safety, insulation, and more. It pays to take care of your investment! According to Allstate, a leading home insurance provider, it’s recommended that a residential roof be inspected at least once a year. Let’s look at four important reasons why you shouldn’t put off your next roofing inspection.

1. Monitor Aging Materials

As with all aspects of your home, your roof will wear and age. Most shingle roofs have an expected lifespan of about 15-30 years, according to Bob Vila, a popular home improvement publication. As your roof starts to reach an older age, it will start to show signs of needing repair. Having regular inspections done can give you the advantage of knowing when it’s time to replace the roof. Don’t let continuous repairs start draining your bank account. Catch problems early with inspections.

2. Address Storm Damage

Following a significant weather event, you will want to have your roof inspected by a roofing company. Our Florida storms can have a huge impact on your roof, even if they only last for an hour or two. High winds can blow shingles loose and make your roof vulnerable to moisture and leaks. Ensure your roof can withstand the next storm by addressing storm damage ASAP.

3. Keep Debris and Water Out of Your Underlayment

If any amount of significant debris has hit your roof, you will want to consider getting an inspection. Holes caused by debris can allow water can get into your home, damaging the underlayment. Severe damage can even allow water into your attic area, expanding to the rest of your house. Don’t take debris damage lightly!

4. Ensure Durability

When you prioritize roof inspections, you can help to expand your roof’s lifespan and durability. The lifespan of any roof will be highly dependent on the type of maintenance the roof receives. If you fail to have your roof checked out for damage and have repairs made quickly, you may see your investment wear much sooner than intended.

These are just a few of the reasons why roof inspections are important. To take great care of your roof, you need a dependable business in your corner. With over 40 years of experience serving Hillsborough County, FL, our team at A Deal Roofing is here to provide you with the industry-leading roofing services you deserve. Call us today!

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